haiku happy you

let's mail one to someone

and share happiness

Haiku Happy You is all about doing something nice for someone that's a whole lot cheaper
(and super less predictable) than those soon-to-be-dead roses. 

  My typewriter totes wants to put in you in the good books by hand typing
a haiku of your choice and having it mailed off to that person you like :)

haiku random automator

Hey, I'm Fee, the girl behind the typewriter (literally!)  I wanted to make sure there was some sort of
about section in case you needed to tell me my haiku syllable count was off or that you love
what I do :P   In a nut-shell I'm obsessed with Japan and I dig wholeheartedly the concept of
being nice.   Haiku Happy You was a way for me to inject some happiness into the World
with the option to snail mail a Haiku to someone you like/love/crush-over.

about page

If you hate random-ness you can just go straight to the shop and check out all the haikus
but that wouldn't be quite as fun would it?

You can also check out the other things I do over here

Email me? haikuhappyyou@gmail(.com)

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